What do you want your audience to feel when they watch you perform? That’s a question that we think about when we are putting a routine, but do you actually know what the audience feels and thinks about when you perform?

Have you asked them? If so, did they all say the same or similar thing? 

Today we had the incredible Matthew Le Motteé on to talk about his journey in magic, how to improve your routine and so much more! 

A little about Matthew, he has won the close-up magician of the year three times, in a row! (2017,2018,2019) 

He was the first-ever magician to win 3 in a row, he shared with us a bit of the journey that he went on, but also how he won, or what helped him to win. Not only did he win, but he is also one of the examiners judging the competition! 


More Coming Soon...