Magic Communties

The Young Magicians Club (Facebook Group)

It is most useful if you are in the Young Magician Club, as it is mostly notification for upcoming events, so it’s quite good in that sense, there isn’t much sharing of tricks and effect ideas. However, it is well monitored and haven’t seen any negative messages, very positive!

A strong 4.5 - It is only mostly useful if you are in the Young Magician's Club

The Magic Circle Unlocked (Facebook Group)

It doesn’t really have any discussions on there yet, it is a new group so I wonder what they will do with it in the future. They mostly do Facebook lives and short videos of the magic circle. Very good videos and enjoyable lives, which were fun, entertaining and educational. 

A strong 4.5 - A great group for magicians if you can make their live shows

Magic Session

Great group, very active with lots of people sharing there own magic, with people giving constructive criticism on how they can improve. Wide range of users, definitely one I am going to recommend! Almost like a magic convention where everyone can share what they are currently working on! 

4.8 - Very good group, one of my favourite ones