In this episode, we had the amazing Chris Wardle on!


A little background to him, in case you haven’t heard of him; Chris Wardle has been creating magic effects for over 20 years and has published over 600 tricks in a variety of books and magazines. His creations have been featured by top performers in the UK and in the USA on TV, radio and on the stage. Chris is a Member of The Inner Magic Circle, with Gold Star and a past winner of ‘The Cecil Lyle Award’ from The Magic Circle. 


We were so excited to have him on to talk about: How he creates magic, why creating your own magic is so important and much more. 

As magicians, we are so fascinated by new, visual tricks on the markets, especially the ones that have an amazing trailer, with a “Imagine if you” But Chris points out that it’s important we try to create our own tricks or at least make them ours, by adding a personal story to it our something to that extent. Another reason is, if we are doing routines or effects then we don’t clash with our colleagues in magic and would have to change our routine so we don’t perform the same effects.

Magic creation can be fun and exciting, but unfortunately we there aren’t many books to do with the creating magic, and books on magic theory don’t cover of how to make an effect start to finish with examples in the book. That is why we recommend this book so much for magicians trying to create effects or even to personalise one so you stand out from a crowd as magic is storytelling, so tell a good story. 


You can buy the book from Vanishing Inc: