The Boy Who Cried Magic


Another wonderful book by the equally wonderful Andi Gladwin. In the book, he discusses and teaches tricks from his own repertoire. He teaches mainly close-up tricks, but does teach some stage tricks too! My favourite trick from the book is one called Silent Movie, which has a funny surprise ending. Not only that, I believe you will treasure the book, not only for the material it teaches but for the sheer luxury design of the book. I highly recommend you get it.

A great book for close up magic, great quailty both materials and content

Magic In Mind


One of our favourite ebooks, this is from Vanishing Inc. written by some really knowledgeable magicians, it is about magic theory! 

Our favourite FREE ebook on magic theory

Creating The Impossible

An absolutely great book by Chris Wardle and James Ward, award-winning magicians. In this book, they share ideas of how to come up with your own methods and how to “Create the Impossible”, which it definitely does! 

Great thought provoking book!