In this episode we talked with Nikola Arkane, a kid’s magician from Ireland. I first saw Nikola at an IBM convention in 2019, where she won the International Brotherhood of Magicians British Ring Close-Up Competition. Out of the performers, she was one of the two magicians from the competition of which I remembered, and I think that’s largely down to her unique and charming persona. The topics we covered in this episode include:


  •  What got her into magic and who some of her inspirations are (including Lance Burton and Tommy Wonder).
  • Finding her character Fizz Wizz Pop, and how that changes in various contexts, whether it be performing for kids or adults. She also gives some thoughts on how to find your character. Additionally, we asked her about the different characters which she has played during coronavirus.
  • Doing kids zoom shows.
  • Her recent exploration into close-up magic.
  • How to get into kids’ magic.


As well as a lot more!


Csanád and I had a really fun time talking to her about a heap of topics, and we hope you enjoy the episode!