Social media, use to talk to our friends or to sell a product?

A lot of the time it is the second one, it isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but social media is being used more and more for advertising, and I think you should too, let me explain.

I don’t think you should necessarily get an endorsement by a brand for every video or photo you post, obviously, for content creators, that’s how they make a living, but for us magicians, it’s a little different. See, as magicians, we are the product. We need to sell ourselves not an app or piece of tech. But we can use this to our advantage, we can build a personal brand of it. 

Let’s say that you do wedding magic, so your Instagram should be full of wedding magic, whether that’s pictures of reactions, or of tricks, but when your client (in this case the bride and groom) look for a magician, come across your page, it shouldn’t be hard for them to find pictures or videos of your doing wedding magic. 

And this goes for everything, (an extreme example but) if you go into a supermarket advertised on selling fresh and frozen food, but when you go in you only find clothes, you go, do they really sell food? 

That’s why building a personal brand is important, so people can find out more about you e.g what you do. 

We don’t only talk about that but we also talked about why Caroline has done TED talks, how she became a hand model, her injury and more!


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